Problems with LibreOffice on Debian Trixie with KDE Plasma Desktop Environement

I have been a user of LO on Debian and KDE for a few years now and it has been a real pleasure. I also still very much consider myself a complete amateur with Linux.

Several days ago, when I try and open LO Writer or Calc, LO crashes. I tried to open in safe mode but was unable to make any change via the GUI without it crashing. I complete purged LO and even tried the FlatPak version via KDE Discover and it did the exact same thing.

I have tried downloading and installing from LO directly, via APT, and probably a few other ways by now. But unfortunately all attempts have had the same end result. A non-functional LO suite.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Seems something has gone wrong with user profile from LO. Installing new won’t help.
You are using Dolphin for file managing?
Open your home directory.
Let show hidden files. (Ctrl+H)
Click on .config
There you could find a folder “libreoffice” and in this folder a folder “4”.
Rename “4” to “4old”.
Now you could start LO and a new folder “4” will be created.

Hope this helps.

Best to open a bug report with the info from Help - About. You might also launch from the command line and include any output printed into the console.

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Your suggestion was spot on. Thank you so much!