Preliminary Results for the 2020 Membership Committee election

Dear Members,

With the vote closing last night, we’ve now processed the results using OpenSTV, and I’m hereby announcing the preliminary results ready for review.

The number of members that cast their votes is 147, 74 members did not. The board thanks all candidates for running, and all voters for their participation!


Candidates are sorted in their order of election preference, after all preferences have been considered according to the Meek STV method with Droop-Dynamic-Fractional setting, default threshold.

Elected Members:
Marina Latini
Muhammet Kara
Gabriele Ponzo
Gustavo Buzzatti Pacheco
Ahmad Haris

Elected Deputies:
Shinji Enoki
Uwe Altmann
Dennis Roczek
Jona Azizaj


The detailed results of running OpenSTV will soon be published at and a list of all votes cast is already available at

You can run the calculation yourself using OpenSTV; the machine-readable votes are at and the preference ordering is achieved by sorting according to the order of election (from top to bottom, look for ‘elected’ in the results table). If there is more than one candidate elected in one step, their actual voting count determines their rank order.

Any eligible voter may challenge the preliminary results by mailing prior to Tuesday, 2020-09-15, 24:00 CEST/UTC+2 (end of the day) with a detailed explanation of their challenge.

The board encourages every voter to now validate the correct entry of their ballot by comparing the matching row from with your vote - the anonymous token shown to you at the end of the vote process needs to show up in that list, and the list of names associated with that token has to match your ballot.

Thanks again for everyone for participating the vote!

With best regards,