Opportunity for developing LibreOffice Documentation

Hi team

We have the opportunity to apply for Google Seasons Of Doc 2023. It means Google can fund technical writers to write documentation for open source projects, such as LibreOffice.

LibreOffice already have documentation for end users written by the current doc team (guides), and several wiki pages for development handled by developers and the TDF staff. Furthermore we are actively updating the Help of LibreOffice.

If you have a documentation project for LibreOffice and you can format it to be executed in 2023, please get in touch with me: documentation aat libreoffice doot org before March 24th 2023 12:00 UTC.

You project subject must fill a gap in documentation, not yet addressed, or badly documented, outdated or missing.


Remember that there are many videos, tutorials, websites, blogs, books and more on using LibreOffice.

I’m available for call at any time for clarifications, until the deadline above


Hi Olivier,

I hope you are keeping well.

Reading through the referenced wiki page for Google Seasons Of Doc 2023, I was reminded of the time we spent supporting GSOD 2020.

Thinking back to those activities, did Google ever provide funding to TDF for mentors’ stipends? If so, what did TDF use the money for?



Hi Steve

Stipends existed at that time, if I remember correctly.

Stipends was an option for the project and were to be defined in advance at the organization submission time. Most of the projects I submitted had myself as mentor for the purpose to fill the form requirements, and at that time (and the years before) I had no volunteer mentor. Since I was leading GSoD within TDF, I decided to decline mentor stipends to avoid conflicts of interest with TDF.

Later you volunteered to co-mentor the Calc Functions Wiki, and you were the first non TDF-staff to assist in the GSoD project. With the changes in project submission (exposing costs breakdown), I added a value in the stipend entry. I will continue to decline mentor stipend for myself for the same reasons as before, and I’ll be happy to assign stipends for non TDF-staff mentors.


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