Notes, cautions, tips & a reference style guide

On the lengthy thread about a proposed template, @PeeWee and @bantoniof had an exchange about Caution notices.

I think this section in the Google Developer Documentation Style Guide is relevant:
Notes, cautions, warnings, and other notices

In fact, the whole style guide is a valuable resource and should be considered when usage questions arise…

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Thank you @jeanweber

Hello Jean

I remember sometime time ago that you made the comment about Cautions being overused, that is some Cautions could be Notes. This I totally agree with and firmly believe that Cautions are not required in LibreOffice user guides. These guides are only to help use LibreOffice for creating documents.

Overuse of a Caution degrades its value as a notice.

My background in technical writing is aviation and defence where there is a legal requirements for Notes, Cautions and Warnings for user manuals.

The links you have given are useful and will be using the information.

The links also led me onto the Apple Style Guide which also provides some useful information. This guide has raised a question. Is it necessary to compile a dictionary of abbreviations and approved words?


Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team