New Member Introduction - Rob Thornton

Hi there,

My name is Rob Thornton and I am a veteran technical writer from the United States with 20 years of experience and an MA in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon. Open Source is very important to me and I have joined the LibreOffice Documentation Team to help develop your documentation and assist in any way I can.

Now that I am on the Team, what can I do to improve LibreOffice documentation? I would like to start small and learn how to operate within the Team before starting on anything big. I can work on user manuals, online help, developer documentation, or anything else you need. Thanks for helping me become a productive member of the Team.

Just wanted to send a warm welcome to you, happy to have you in the doc team :slight_smile:

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Hello Rob

Welcome to the Team.

I am also a veteravn Technical Writer and started technicavl writing in 1986. Now looking after the Impress and Draw user guides for LibreOffice. I shall be starting the 7.6 upgrade of these two guides this month.

Look in Contributor Resources on NextCloud for info on how it all happens. There is a user guide template which does give some help to put you on the right path.

If you look at the spreadsheet for the Draw or Impress guuides you get the idea on how it works. Any qquestions, just let me know.


Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

Hi Rob,
Welcome! I’m a retired technical editor/writer/publisher from Australia with nearly 40 years of experience including 20 years with OpenOffice / LibreOffice. I was once the main editor and “team leader” but these days I mainly try to keep the Writer Guide up to date as well as producing the print editions of all the user guides.

I should warn you that the information for contributors on NextCloud and the wiki is often out of date, incomplete, or inconsistent - but it does give a starting point for the general way we do things here.


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Thanks for the welcome, everybody! :slight_smile: