New member introduction (NCDS)

Hey everyone,

My name is Nay Catina Dia-Schneebeli and I am scientist currently on a post-PhD career break. In addition to science, I have experience in open-source bioinformatics, and I am very passionate about open software.
I decided to join the LibreOffice Documentation team to give a bit of my time back :blush:

I am most interested in writing, reviewing, editing and research.

I am excited about this and I know the learning curve is going to be steep! :rocket:

Warmest regards from Switzerland,


Hi Nay
Welcome to the team.

We have many tasks on the table. Our Getting Started guide 7.5 is being updated and if it is of your interest, please consider revising some chapters.

In the cloud folder LibreOffice Documentation/English/Getting Started Guide/7.5/Work in Progress/ :

GS7505-ImagesAndGraphics-01-PS.odt has been updated by Peter Schofield and needs 2nd look. Same for GS7506-GettingStartedWithImpress-01-PS.odt.

  1. Download the file and rename it to GS7505-ImagesAndGraphics-01-PS-NCDS.odt

  2. Review and approve changes, if any. Suggest changes if you think it is important, but do not attempt to rewrite adding pedantic changes.

  3. Add your name in the control spreadsheet in LibreOffice Documentation/English/Getting Started Guide/7.5/Guide Status GS75.ods and give a return date you can comfortably commit.

  4. Upload the revised chapter in the same folder (work in progress)

  5. Tell us here that you have finished the revision. Inform your next steps too.

Do not hesitate to contact us here for questions, I am also available for a live session where we can quickly ramp up your skills in revising and using LibreOffice. Just let me know.

Last but not least, we use the best practices in document edition, which means using styles extensively. A good reading of the Writer guide on Styles chapter and track changes is highly advisable.


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Thanks a lot, Olivier! The guidelines are clear but I think a live session is a very good idea. I will email you to set a time.