New Liaison role for the Native Language Communities

Hi all,

We are launching a new role in the Native Language communities. This role aims to improve the communication between the global projects, TDF and the local communities.

This communication should be directed in two ways: keep local communities informed on what is happening internationally and keep the international community informed of what is achieved by the local communities.
My hope is also that TDF will be able to bring more help if it is informed of the achievements, difficulties, wishes and needs locally.

The role is called Liaison and should be carried by one volunteer chosen by the local community, or self represented if there is no local community yet.

To know more about Liaison, please read:
This is a first process that I'd like to enhance with the help of the Liaison members.

To discuss about the role and (in the future) with other Liaison members, join:
Don't be shy, introduce yourself and tell us all :slight_smile: