New features on newdesign site: sortable tables (und user defined forms)

Hi *,

a script to sort tables by clicking on the table's heading was added
to the newdesign site.

To use it, create a table with a separate header definition and assign
the class "tablesorter".

A mimimalistic example:
<table class="tablesorter" border="0" summary="Table sort
demo"><caption>This is the caption for the table</caption>
<tr><th>Header 1</th><th>header 2</th></tr>

Currently there is no visual hint as to what sorting is used and that
the table can be sorted - style suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

See for example(s).

Another addition is the user forms module that was used by some
NL-Project on the old site already - it allows to create feedback
forms that send the submissions via email and/or stores them in the

In case you make use of it:
Please always use with a Spam Protection field and/or monitor it for
abuse. (currently uses ReCaptcha)