New dialog layout in LibreOffice 24.8

Hi Team

The next LibreOffice 24.8 due in August brings a very different layout of the tabbed dialog boxes and will require the update of a large number of dialog box screenshots. For example, the Calc Format Cell dialog is shown below:

The tabs previously displayed on the top of the dialog box, are now on the left of the box.

LibreOffice has an internal screenshot feature that will help you to take the shots. Please follow instructions on this link, it is really easy and handy. Note that the window decoration are not part of the shot.

Also, the screeshots depends on the desktop environment in use (Windows, Mac, KDE, Gnome, etc…) but remember that the massive install base of LibreOffice is on Windows.

Please choose a light theme for the screenshots.


This makes most of LO documentation text obsolete. This is not a tab any longer, more appropriate would be a subpage. At least in some languages.

Who approved such a change?
Did they consider what this means for documentation?

Is the feature only really introduced in the week of beta1 release?
On macOS the alpha daily build from two days ago still doesn’t show it.

Lp, m.

V V tor., 4. jun. 2024 ob 02:00 je oseba Olivier Hallot via The Document Foundation Community <> napisala:

Hello Olivier

Thanks for the heads up on the new version of LO. I will be using your advice about the screenshots.

However, one question does arise.

How are we going to name the chapter and user guide files?

The present format is DG2401-IntroducingDraw for LO24.2
For example, do we change filenames to DG24801-IntroducingDraw for LO24.8?
We need a change in filename format to prevent any confusion.


Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

Originally we discussed and there was a consensus on only one Guide per year, but I think people just ignored it (Filenames for LibreOffice 24.2)

So FWIW, we can rename LO24201, LO24202 … then LO24801, LO24802 …


In the Alpha1 build, I see this change in several modules (Calc, Impress…) but NOT in Writer, on macOS and Windows11. @ohallot


IIUC, the changes are still on-going, and the new layout might be delayed, instead of applying it in the upcoming LO 24.8.

I am not saying that current screenshots will not be useful; they might. Just be aware that, strictly speaking, the current status is not final, and that LO 24.8 might still be released with the prior “horizontal tabs” layout.

Beta1 of LO 24.8 has some dialogs (such as styles) changed in Writer, but not others (such as paragraph & character). I have done only a brief look; will check in more detail.

I had not been planning to update the Writer Guide for 24.8, but I may do so to take care of these dialog changes. I have some other corrections to make, as well as including some other new features.

It will be advisable to double check the new dialogs in the forthcoming beta releases because some of them has been reverted to previous layout by decision of the Engineering Steering Committee.


  • Vertical tabpages state (Samuel/Thorsten)

    • maybe a safe move would be to revert on 24-8 and keep working on master (Xisco)
      • perhaps prepare the revert and discuss on gerrit

=> CC Samuel/Thorsten on the gerrit reverts, push on the branch after a timeout (all)



FWIW, there is no LO 24.8 beta2 (yet, and maybe never), and the revert was decided after beta1. IIUC, all “Vertical Tabs” layouts should be reverted for LO 24.8 final. This should also allow enough time to take new screenshots for LO 25.2, when/if the new layouts get deployed then.

I’ve downloaded the RC1 of LO24.8. All the tabbed dialogs appear to have been reverted to the previous layout, as mentioned by @ohallot and others earlier in this thread.