Nepal Liaison: Introduction

Hi, I’m Suraj Bhattarai, the new liaison for the LibreOffice Nepali Community. I’m excited to be part of this global community and wanted to introduce myself.

I am currently a final year engineering student, passionate about open source and actively involved in building communities. As a liaison, my role is to connect people and foster collaboration. I have been actively engaged with various Open Source Communities and have experience in coordinating local community activities.

Here are my strategies for this year:

1) Learn from experienced liaisons and community members.
2) Explore areas of my interest in the software codebase and enhance my knowledge.
3) Contribute to localization efforts, help with documentation, and provide support in the forums.
4) Promote the LibreOffice projects and raise awareness to grow the Nepal community.
5) Organize sessions and talks on topics related to FOSS, specifically focusing on LibreOffice.

Here are my expectations from this role:

1) Invite contributors from the global community to share insights and knowledge with our local community and peers.
2) Gain practical experience in real-world software contributions and project management.
3) Receive occasional mentoring and guidance from the coordinators.
4) Eventually transition into a FOSS developer role.

I look forward to connecting with all of you and contributing to the LibreOffice community.

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Welcome Suraj! and thanks a lot for accepting the role :slight_smile: I hope others will share here what they are doing too in their communities.

Yes, welcome Suraj! Great to have you on board :blush:

Hello Suraj, welcome!

… are any of the languages used in Nepal written from Right to Left, by any chance? Or are they all Left-to-Right?

Hi @EyalRozenberg

Official Language “Nepali” written in Devanagari Script along with other popular regional languages like: Limbu, Maithili, Newar (Nepal Bhasa), Angika, Tharu, Gurung, Tamang, and more are all written the same direction i.e., ‘left-to-right’.

For reference, one can follow this link.