More Calc function pages available for translation (Logical, Information, and Spreadsheet)

The categories Logical, Information, and Spreadsheet are now translatable.

I also created simple templates for words that repeat a lot:

I copied the existing translations for them.

I didn’t use the Documentation/Calc_Functions path in the name as I thought it would be better to have compact names when the words appear in table cells.

There are repeating headings as well. I wonder, if I should make templates for those as well (this time under Documentation/Calc_Functions path). Let me know what you think.


Thanks Ilmari.

It would be a sensible idea to define the heading strings using templates, hopefully reducing translation effort.

Another possible area where the same string appears on many pages is in the Category section. Would it be worth having a template for each category name?



Ok, new templates created and existing translations copied over:

I wrote a Python script to help me convert articles to use these templates (always a bit messy when pages have already been made translatable).

First page converted to use the templates, see also the translated versions:

The heading templatisation work is now done both for pages already in translation and pages still in review.

Array function pages are now available for translation.

In other translation-related news, I created a wiki module that saves translator time, showing automatically the translated Calc function name. Like I say in the announcement, Steve doesn’t have to worry about using it, I will take care of it :slight_smile:

The wiki pages for Calc’s financial analysis functions have been updated. They are ready for Ilmari to prepare them for translation.

This is done now, including the templates. Hopefully everything works.