More about publishing printed copies of user guides

Whoever does the publishing will need to set up a new account, whether at
Lulu or somewhere else. I will not be turning over my account to anyone
else, or allowing anyone else to use it.

Around 15 years ago I set up the account at Lulu. At the time it was the
only practical choice for a print-on-demand service for a person or
organisation that does not want to deal with fulfilment. I think it is
still the best choice. One can sell through the Lulu bookstore (with or
without an ISBN) and/or put the book into “global distribution” which gets
it into Amazon and other outlets. (HOWEVER, if you choose global
distribution, you must have an ISBN and the cost of copies is much higher
than if sold only through the Lulu bookstore. Also, the requirements for
PDFs are sometimes more difficult to meet. Long story.)

Many people use Amazon Kindle Direct (which, despite the name, does
paperbacks as well as ebooks), but their choices are more limited, and
potential US tax hassles (or the requirements to legally avoid them) are
greater. I won’t deal with Amazon or their terms of service, but someone
else might not mind.