Math examples

On the development
<> page there
is a draft of "math examples". Doesn't look like this made it to
ODFAuthors, but I suspect it should go there. Thoughts?


The original author of the "Math Examples" does not identify
himself/herself, so we have no way of knowing what the intended
purpose/destination (how-to, tutorial, etc.) of the draft document was.
Unless the author comes forward, I would suggest that this could be
reviewed and added, maybe as an appendix, to the "Math User Guide". For
the moment I propose we note it for discussion at a future team meeting.


I actually like the idea of a having a example or "cheatsheet" as a
separate download. People won't necessarily know to look in the user guide
for such a thing.

Whether it should /also/ be included in the user guide is, I think, a
separate issue. If there is a risk of them getting out of sync, I would
vote against it.

Related: we should also think about updating the existing "quick reference"
and "desktop reference" sheets for accuracy only, then maybe discuss
whether better materials are needed. Haven't really looked myself, so will
bring it up again when I get around to it.