Marketing Call/Webinar, May 27

On May 27 at 3PM CEST (1PM UTC), during the marketing call, I will present some marketing tools available to community members that were developed according to the marketing plan:

(1) Slide Deck about Project History
(2) Slide Deck about Project Sustainability
(3) Slide Deck about LibreOffice Technology
(4) Slide Deck about Digital Sovereignty

These slide decks, with speaker's notes, will be uploaded to TDF cloud in two versions: the original ODP and the exported PDF (where the notes are at the end).

I will also present the LinkedIn Pages which were mentioned in one of the last blog posts. They represent an opportunity for the project, as LinkedIn is one of the most followed sources of enterprise contents and as such can help us to reach the objective of supporting the business of ecosystem companies.

After the call, I will produce a video based on the contents of the webinar, to allow every community member to get the information about the slide decks, and be prepared to use them.

Looking forward to meeting all of you on May 27 at 3PM CEST, on the following link: