Macro Guides for Java and Python

Macro Guides | LibreOffice Documentation - LibreOffice User Guides only has support for Basic macros.

It should be extended to include Java LibreOffice Programming and Python LibreOffice Programming. It wouldn’t be reasonable to hide these two references at the bottom of a lot of Basic references.

Hi, flywire,

They are not hiding. They’re just at the end because there is a lot more
guides for Basic, since it still the most used macro language used for
However, I would love to understand what is your idea of modifying this


To be clear:

  • references for languages other than basic aren’t included
  • there are so many basic reference cards that that is nearly the only message communicated

I’d suggest three headings: Basic, Python, Java. I’d collapse the Basic reference cards, so the user has to expand the section to see them, and use a single graphic to indicate what they are.

You can put yourself to that. The wiki is of all of us.