Loguides feedback email address doesn't work

The newest 7.5 Calc guide says

Please direct any comments or suggestions about this document to the Documentation Team’s forum… or send an email to: loguides\@community.documentfoundation.org.

I just sent e-mail to that address and got failed e-mail notification

Subject: [TDF Community] Email issue – Invalid Access
We’re sorry, but your email message to [“loguides@community.documentfoundation.org”] (titled books for obsolete LibreOffice versions appear in search results) didn’t work.

The category you sent this email to only allows replies from users with valid accounts and known email addresses. If you believe this is an error, contact a staff member.

For what it’s worth, various parts of documentfoundation infrastructure including this discussion forum know my info@... e-mail address. I tried sending from an alternate e-mail address and got the same failure message.

(I had to defeat auto-linking in the quoted text in order to post this message here.)

@guilhem : Can you have a look? Thanks.

Note: nothing showed to me in moderation.


The account wasn’t provisioned yet when the email was received.