LO User Guide Template

The first draft of the LO User Guide Template is now available on NextCloud in the Contributor Resources folder. Please review, comment and criticize. More input will make for a better template. It is based on the LO UG Chapter Template and is the way I have created complete user guides.

Two new page styles have been created:
Front Cover - right page only
Back Cover - left page only
This will create the correct format for a user guide when it is printed. That is each chapter starts on the right page and blank pages are inserted when necessary.

Please note that I shall be on holiday this weekend so I will not be online. Back to business on 18 November.


Hi @PeeWee
Thanks for the template, we are getting there. I have comments:

  1. I prefer to have the front and back cover images as background of the Front Cover and Back Cover pages styles. Can it be done? I know it is a detail.

  2. What is the purpose of the style “Legend Numbering” (I could not see the difference with respect to Numbering 1)

Attached a spreadsheet generated by the Styles Reporter [1] extension, listing all paragraph styles available in the template, including “Stock” (AKA “Automatic”) styles. I think it is the final list of paragraph styles in our template an any style not in this list must be replaced by one of valid styles. I’m writing a macro to perform a sanity check.

ParagraphStyleReport.ods (35,7,KB)

[1] Styles Reporter » Extensions

Hello Olivier

The template now needs a thorough review, but at least the idea of a user guide template is now available.

The paragraph style “Legend Numbering” is used when there is a figure that requires a legend. Instead of adding a text legend into a figure, numbers are used instead. This helps with getting all text translated because text in a figure means creating a new figure for translation. A legend is then created below the figure with each item being numbered to match the numbers in the figure.

Front and Back covers as background images is a good idea and I will look into this when I am back from holiday. My first thought is the background images would have to be changed in the template for each version of LibreOffice. Also, the front and back covers are different for each LO module, which would make creating a template a little more difficult.

I will look at the spreadsheet and to see how it works against the template.


Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

Hello again

Forgot to add — Legend Numbering is a smaller text size. It is 10pt and reduces the space taken by a legend.


Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team