LibreOffice Weekly News #2 released

Hi *,

I've just finished writing the second LOWN edition. It is available
here [1], still as a pdf version for now.

You might still expect some mimetype errors, since Github doesn't
handle pdf quite well. As a workaround, when you are on the wiki page,
please make a right click, click on "Save the link as..." and open the
pdf file with your favourite pdf client.

Please do not advertise this LOWN#2 version yet. I'm still open to any
comment or correction you would have.

The final version is for tomorrow, and will be provided in a MediaWiki
version at that time. I'm using Pandoc for the LaTeX -> MediaWiki
syntax conversion, but compiling its dependencies is taking more time
than expected, sorry for the delay.



- --
William Gathoye

Hi William,
A few notes.

* Have you considered typesetting the weekly news using LibreOffice?
Is it easier to pull-in refs using LaTeX?

* "Q/A" -> "QA"

* For slightly better flow when reading, perhaps:

"LibreOffice Weekly News gathers interesting developments from
discussions on mailing lists and IRC, updates in QA, and git commits,
and combines them into a tidy publication at the end of each week.
This summary will emphasize a developer's point of view. This week in
LibreOffice. . ."


Hello William,

Thanks a lot! Let's have our workflow on the wiki from the beginning next time. People will know where to contribute :wink: .