[libreoffice-website] Pootle moving to a dedicated server next Monday/Tuesday - 1h to 2h downtime (and DNS propagation time)

HI Rui,

you should not post your signatrue-style lines at the very top, as I
only saw your actual response "by accident". I thought at first you
intended to forward the message but forgot to adjust the to address,
or did hit "send" before writing your reply :slight_smile:

It is planned to switch to a dedicated server provided by fsf.hu for
pootle after 3.4.1rc2 has been extracted. The planned date is next

A dedicated server! That is a good news!

Yes, as it allows us again to turn pumbaa into a playing ground again
without having to worry about affecting productivity tools :-))

Performance wise there should only be little difference, as even with
the VM most part of the db was in RAM (in the host's RAM/filesystem
cache). And operations that were slow were slow because they are
CPU-bound, not because of lack of RAM.

What is faster though is creation of the database-backup :slight_smile: