L10n QA budget request

Hi all,
If you feel this request is copied from somebody, you're totally right :slight_smile:
Request for budget

Last year, the QA team successfully installed and tweaked the Moztrap
[1] QA tool to fit the needs of manual tests on beta and RC versions of
LibreOffice. This tool has been first developed for the Mozilla [2]
community needs.
To complete the tool usage, it needs now to be made fully localized (UI
+ content) in order to serve the l10n and NLP communities.
This will allow the l10n teams to have tests in their language dedicated
to new features where new strings are introduced during the beta/RC
release cycle.
The QA members of NLPs will be able to run the tests in their language
very early with a possibility for the team lead to manage and store
these tests over the versions. That will allow more people to test the
versions and also more people to join the community and participate
without technical skills required.
The currently proposed solution won't work because too difficult to
access/manage for non English speakers.

One month/man.
The request have to be completed by Petr or YiFan because I can't find
the mail again (sorry) but last we discussed this I recall for one
month/man to achieve the localization capabilities of Moztrap.

[1] http://manual-test.libreoffice.org/manage/cases/
[2] https://moztrap.readthedocs.org/en/1.0.X/

Kind regards