Invitation and agenda for TDF board meeting on Monday, 2024-05-06, 1600 UTC (1800 Berlin time)

Dear Community,

I hereby invite you to our next TDF board meeting which takes place on Monday, 2024-05-06, 1600 UTC (1800 Berlin time) at


  • Daylight savings are in effect, so there is a new UTC time
  • Please note the slightly changed meeting time (15 minutes earlier than in the past)
  • We’re using the Jitsi room again, not BigBlueButton
  • Calls will not be recorded anymore
  • Meetings are planned to take place only once per month, but for two hours each
  • This meeting is structured around decisions rather than discussions. Please note the papers and proposed motions are intended for discussion and not as “fait accompli”.
  • For time zone conversion, see e.g. Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator

Minutes will be taken in the board-accessible minutes folder at


Public section

A1. Questions from the community (5 minutes)

Rationale: An opportunity for the community to ask questions to the board.

Trustee/members-only section

Nothing for this meeting.

Board and MC only section

C1. Discussion about legal topics (60 minutes)

C2. Status of the budget, TDF ideas and strategy (30 minutes)

Pending items from the last meetings to discuss

D1. Form Staffing Committee
Summary: Initial proposal to create a board sub-committee with delegated authority to deal with all HR-related matters.

D2. Motion Concerning trademarks and app stores
Proposed by Simon Phipps 2024-03-04
Proposed by Paolo Vecchi 2024-03-28

D3. Motion to approve the board agenda process
Proposed by Paolo Vecchi 2024-03-28

D4. Motion concerning improving the documentation of efforts of staff being towards tax-privileged purposes
Proposed by Bjoern Michaelsen 2024-03-28

D5. Motion concerning extending documentation of time spent by employees and freelancers
Proposed by Bjoern Michaelsen 2024-03-28

D6. Motion to complete the procurement policy
Proposed by Paolo Vecchi 2024-03-29

D7. Motion for implementing measures for CRA compliance
Proposed by Paolo Vecchi 2024-03-30



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Where are the papers and the proposed motions? If we don’t see them, they are effectively “fait accompli”, since nobody will have been able to give input about them.

What legal topics?

Budget - understood. What will the discussion of “TDF ideas and strategy” be about?

Let’s see that proposal.

Let’s see the text of those motions.

The current “process” is based on hiding most relevant information from us, which contradicts the foundation bylaws. Just like the outgoing board.

Where’s the motion? And - is this about making more efforts, or documenting the effort?

What is the incomplete procurement policy? Where was it published?