Invitation and agenda for TDF board meeting on Monday, 2024-04-08, 1600 UTC (1800 Berlin time)

Dear community,

I hereby invite you to our next TDF board meeting which takes place on Monday, 2024-04-08, 1600 UTC (1800 Berlin time) at


  • Daylight savings are in effect, so there is a new UTC time
  • Please note the slightly changed meeting time (15 minutes earlier than in the past)
  • We’re using the Jitsi room again, not BigBlueButton
  • Calls will not be recorded anymore
  • Meetings are planned to take place only once per month, but for two hours each
  • This meeting is structured around decisions rather than discussions. Please note the papers and proposed motions are intended for discussion and not as “fait accompli”.
  • For time zone conversion, see e.g. Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator


Public section

A1. Update from the new board (10 minutes)
Rationale: Give an update on the past month of work done by the new board.

A2. Questions from the community (10 minutes)
Rationale: An opportunity for the community to ask questions to the board.

A3. Budget status and proposed items (10 minutes)
Rationale: Last opportunity to bring budget item proposals to the board.
Supporting material: The Document Foundation Nextcloud

Trustee/members-only section

Nothing for this meeting.

Board and MC only section

Proposed motions to vote

C1. Form Staffing Committee
Summary: Initial proposal to create a board sub-committee with delegated authority to deal with all HR-related matters.

Proposed motions to discuss

D1. Motion Concerning trademarks and app stores
Proposed by Simon Phipps 2024-03-04
Proposed by Paolo Vecchi 2024-03-28

D2. Motion to approve the board agenda process
Proposed by Paolo Vecchi 2024-03-28

D3. Motion concerning improving the documentation of efforts of staff being towards tax-privileged purposes
Proposed by Bjoern Michaelsen 2024-03-28

D4. Motion concerning extending documentation of time spent by employees and freelancers
Proposed by Bjoern Michaelsen 2024-03-28

D5. Motion to complete the procurement policy
Proposed by Paolo Vecchi 2024-03-29

D6. Motion for implementing measures for CRA compliance
Proposed by Paolo Vecchi 2024-03-30


Eliane Domingos

Where are these motions?

And where are the detailed proposals and the record of their discussion?