Invitation and agenda for TDF board meeting on Monday, 2024-03-11, 1700 UTC (1800 Berlin time)

Dear board, dear members, dear community,

I hereby invite you to our next TDF board meeting which takes place on Monday, 2024-03-11, 1700 UTC (1800 Berlin time) at


  • Please note the slightly changed meeting time (15 minutes earlier than in the past)
  • We’re using the Jitsi room again, not BigBlueButton
  • Calls will not be recorded anymore
  • Meetings are planned to take place only once per month, but for two hours each
  • This meeting is structured around decisions rather than discussions. Please note the papers and proposed motions are intended for discussion and not as “fait accompli”.

For time zone conversion, see e.g. Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator


Public section

A1. Update from the new board (5 minutes)
Rationale: Give an update on the first decisions by the new board.

  • board meetings regularly now once a month and longer, Monday 1800-2000 Berlin time (currently 1700-1900 UTC), in Jitsi again, without recordings
  • two day in-person board meeting planned end-March, failing that will be in April
  • currently looking into various legal bits and the budget as priorities

A2. Questions from the community (10 minutes)
Rationale: An opportunity for the community to ask questions to the board.

Trustee/members-only section

  • Nothing for this meeting

Board and MC only section

C1. Legal Invoice
Summary: TDF has received an invoice from a law firm relating to legal advice supplied in the course of preparation of an HR document. Private as it concerns a commercial/legal matter

C2. Budget 2024
Summary: The Board will work on the budget 2024 together with MC, team, members, ESC and community.
Could be Trustee-only or public, but needs to be scheduled after urgent item, so we don’t run out of time.

C3. Compensation and terms
Summary: TDF needs to regularly review agreements with employees and contractors, which also informs the budget.
Private as it concerns HR matters.

C4. Agenda workflow
Summary: We discuss how to organize future board meetings and how to collect agenda items and board motions.
Could be Trustee-only or public, but needs to be scheduled after urgent item, so we don’t run out of time.

C5. Form Staffing Committee
Summary: Initial proposal to create a board sub-committee with delegated authority to deal with all HR-related matters.
Could be Trustee-only or public, but needs to be scheduled after urgent item, so we don’t run out of time.


Eliane Domingos, Chairperson of TDF
The Document Foundation, Winterfeldtstraße 52, 10781 Berlin, DE
Gemeinnützige rechtsfähige Stiftung des bürgerlichen Rechts
Legal details: Imprint | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft

(I sent this on tdf-internal last week, but got no reply, so:)

Hello BoD,

A few points regarding your upcoming session:

  1. Item C4 “could be trustee-only or public”, so - please make it either of these, even if it scheduled after the board-private agenda items.

  2. I am noticing the lack of any agenda item regarding board delinquency in information disclosure. While there are certainly other pressing matters - so is this one. It’s certainly of more urgency than “regular review of agreement”. However - if the board has been active on this matter outside of board sessions, please share this with us. Otherwise, please consider adding such an item.

  3. The preliminary note for the agenda suggest there are supposed to be “papers and proposed motions”. These should be published to the trustees, to the extent that such publication is not prohibited, and there is no explicit decision keep an article confidential. As no such decision has been made (AFAIK), it seems that all preparatory material except for item C3 needs to be shared with the trustees.

  4. Item C1 is described as “Private as it concerns a commercial/legal matter”. In the TDF, “private” for non-personal matters can only mean “not shared with non-trustees”, and cannot mean “hidden from the trustees”. If the board believes this matter should be confidential, for the board only, it must (a) specify the duration of confidentiality, as there are no permanently confidential (non-personal) matters and (b) make an explicit decision about this confidentiality and publish it. If those conditions are not met - this is not a confidential matter.