Introduction - Prospective Team Member

Hi everyone,

My name is Jason, and I’m interested in joining this community and contributing to the documentation team.

Background & why I’m here:

  1. Mechanical engineer by education/profession
  2. Trying to develop my technical writing abilities
  3. Technical writing experience is in experiment reports: interpreting data & presenting in various formats (determined by instructors’ style preferences)
  4. I’m interested in writing, editing, and research
  5. I’ve never contributed to any open-source community: I have a lot to learn!

I’ve created my SSO, and I’m looking to get in touch with the documentation team to get started.

Looking forward to working with you all!

Thank you,


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Welcome Jason

Please let us know in what guide you want to help us. Our documentation is available in either


Hi Olivier

I’d like to help with the Writer guide (1st choice) and the Math guide (2nd choice)

Thank you!

Hi Jason

The Math guide is a small guide and may have no updates since release 7.2 :

But you are free to review the text and suggest improvements. Beside a revision, the work is on the cover and the preface (release number and date). Let me know how do you want to take it. It will be a good start anyway.

For Writer Guide, you must preferably coordinate with @jeanweber .



I’m skimming over the Math guide and testing some features to get a feel for the user experience. Also revising sentences here & there if I think they could be written more effectively.

I’m hoping to get some guidance for the cover and preface–might a good way to start learning about edit/update procedures

Thank you!


I am not working on the Writer Guide, or any other guide, this year, so I won’t be of any help to Jason or anyone else who might want to work on it.