Introduction and Getting Started


My name is Aline and I'm interested in making contributions to your
documentation team. A little about me:

   1. I am a university student
   2. I have a few years experience in copy-editing for my school's
   3. I have experience in formatting reports to a variety of style guides
   4. I am interested in entering the field of technical writing and think
   that contributing to the documentation team is a good place to start.
   5. I am mostly interested in proofreading and writing.

I have just subscribed to the mailing list and made my single sign on
(SSO). The document foundation wiki page indicates that I now need to
obtain access to the LibreOffice Documentation folder on TDF NextCloud in
order to begin editing with the team.

I look forward to getting started!



Hi Aline

Thanks for contacting us.

Can you join our meeting this Thursday 26 at 18:00 UTC?. It will be an opportunity to let you know what we are doing in documentation.

Otherwise contact me off-list so we set a meeting.

To give you access to our documents, I need to know SSO login name (*not the e-mail*). PLease send it to me in private mail.

Kind regards

Note that the time is 18:00 *UTC*