Introducing Myself - Bala

My name is Balaharipreetha Muthu(Bala).
I had been implementing network protocol modules for network processors in
proprietary language between 2005-2010(mostly for Nokia). I also did the
integration, testing and all associated documentation like requirements,
design, test plans and user manuals.
Since 2010, I have been at home taking care of my kids.
I am looking for a job as a Technical Writer now. I am here to gain
experience, learn as much as possible and contribute my best in
Thank you for onboarding me into this opportunity.

warm regards,
Balaharipreetha Muthu(She/Her)

I would like to start by contributing to guide books.
warm regards,
Bala Muthu

Welcome Bala to the documentation team of LibreOffice

Here you'll find a lot of opportunities to gain experience in all
aspects of the software industry, including technical writing.

Kind regards

Hi Olivier,

Thank you for the opportunity and experience at TDF.
I have learned so much in the software industry in the past 4 years and currently working as Cloud Security Engineer.
The opensource community is awesome.
Keep it going with the LibreOffice.
Much thanks and happy New Year 2024.


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Hi Bala

Thank you for your kind words. I’m really happy that your experience with LibreOffice development and documentation was useful to you personally and professionally.

Contributing to an open source project as complex as LibreOffice is a real opportunity to not only learn a lot of new things, but also to gain maturity and enhance your resumé with a sound set of items. I hope you will be around and feel free to join us anytime you want.

With kind regards and Happy 2024 for you.