Hi all -

My name is Amanda. I work in healthcare IT as a SME and do a lot of
documentation for the product that I work with. I've been wanting to get
involved in helping an open source project, and was happy to find this

I've been on vacation for the past week and have been trying to catch up on
the emails in that time, but I'm still a little confused where to start. I
was hoping to attend the Wednesday meeting to get more information, but
unfortunately it conflicts with a recurring work meeting. Due to being in
the CST time zone, I also haven't been able to connect to anyone in the IRC

Any direction would be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to helping
with the project.

Hello Amanda

Welcome to the team. Don't worry if you can't attend, I'll try to guide

First tell me where do you want to work? Writing books or writing our
Help system contents?

The first is rather easy provided we follow the instructions on the page
below, but you should be very proficient in Office suites especially
LibreOffice, which is our target. It is basically update our books to
the newest release, and it involves checking consistency and write about
new features.

The second is a bit harder because it involves writing source code
contents in XML files, compilation, testing and submitting patches for
git... very nerd thingy... but anyway let me know if you want to jump in.

I expect tomorrow to get a list of tasks on writing books for the next
6.0 release and distribute to people for writing. Stay tuned.

Kind regards


Hi Amanda:

         I'm Jorge, and I offer my help as you. Oliver Hallot sent an e-mail welcome us (All of us). As I understood the meeting is tomorrow (August 2nd) at 19.00 CET Berlin Time. In my case it is at 11 am (Of Costa Rica). You can find your own time (Of you country), entering "19.00 CET Berlin Time" in the Google search and it show you how to know your hour.

         The web address is :

         for tomorrow meeting.

         Until tomorrow,

Jorge Rodríguez

Thanks for the information! Writing books is more my style. I'll dig into
the link you sent, and I look forward to reading the notes from tomorrow's