Installing LibreOffice - parallel versions in Linux:

Yesterday, I guided around 25 youngsters, how to get involved in LibreOffice QA Activities and requested them to install LibreOffice parallel versions. One of the trainees Mr. Sivaramakrishnan wrote detailed step by step documentation for Parallel Installation of LibreOffice in Linux. I hope this article will be useful for QA Beginners in LO. Kindly make use of it.

Link: Installing Parallel Liberoffice In Linux – Beginner Tutorial

It seems the testers were already active a couple of days ago and there were some problems. In case of such events, it is best to join us in the chat, so they can get real-time feedback. I would say if they’ve never tested LibreOffice before, they should ask for opinions in the chat before changing any statuses. Leaving comments in Bugzilla is fine, but status changes can have disruptive effects.

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Yes, I keep on saying not to change the statuses, but still few of them changed it seems [I cross checked their bugs] and I reinstated the same again to them.