Impress Guide 7.5

Versions 01 of the following chapters for the Impress Guide 7.5 are in the Work In Progress folder on NextCloud ready for their review and comment.

Minor changes only and screenshots refreshed to make sure they match version LO 7.5.

IG7500 Preface
IG7501 Introducing Impress
IG7502 Slide Masters, Styles, Templates
IG7503 Adding Formatting Text

Continuing with the remaining chapters for the Impress Guide 7.5. Do not forsee any major problems with the remaining chapters.


Hi @PeeWee

A small but interesting hidden feature when drawing shapes is commented in


Hello Olivier

That bug report is interesting.

I have had a quick check in Impress and will be adding information about resetting the default color. It will also be done in the Draw Guide, which I will be updating to 7.5 or 7.6 very soon.

I will be adding information about redaction in the Impress Guide because redaction tools are available. Presentations, by their very nature, cannot be redacted, but are exported as PDF files when redaction is carried out.


Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

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All the chapters for the Impress Guide 7.5 have now been updated to LO 7.5.
Screenshots have been refreshed and updated to LO 7.5.
There have been minor changes to all chapters and Redaction has been added to Chapter 10 because it was missing.
Please review and comment ASAP so that the chapters can be published and PDF files created.