Impress 7.3 print edition published

I used Peter’s version of this book, because it is well laid out and looks
professional - unlike Olivier’s version which has messed up a lot of the
page breaks.


Hello Jean
I have updated the servers with the latest Lulu link.

I am in touch with Peter on the Impress Guide. He showed me where the issues were. Same as Draw guide.

- List numbering restart here and there. This is because the first numbered list in the chapters have no restart set to 1. When this is not set, it displays a default of "1", but the restart number is empty. Incidentally, it surfaced a bug in Writer (1).

- Widows/orphans. Peter advice is to get rid of orphans/widows and use "do not split paragraph". Currently this is not in the Template V7. I set this in the "Text Body" style of the master document and used inheritance. No more widows or orphans in the text in master document.

- Images: The changes in anchoring create a slightly larger frame that caused the image offset and page break issue. These have been addressed.

- empty paragraphs removed

The result is not published but I have it in the cloud at the following address for comments and review.