Implementation for the template/addon function

Hi Paolo:

I think you're going to need a list of project names, descriptons and
urls. You'd want to maintain this list in your favorite text editor.
Note that this technique requires Bash version >= 4.

declare -a Projectos=("01 02")

declare -A projectos

projectos["desc01"]="This is a description of the project #1\nIt can
have control characters"

projectos["desc02"]="#2\nIt can have control characters"


Given this list, you're going to want to display the project name and
description, then allow the user to select the desired project. Once the
user selects a project, the contents are downloaded via wget, and
entered into the LibreOffice environment via unopkg as mentioned by Drew
in an earlier thread.

You can access the list as follows:


source "projectos.dat"

function get() {

for p in ${Projectos}
    get $p
    echo -e $NAME $DESC
    for u in ${URL}
          echo $u


Hopefully, this will be enough to get you started.

Ok. I'm gonna try to figure out what this bunch of code do =D .

Please be patient.

Hi Jeff,

Yesterday, I was very tired to read code, at the time you sent it to me.
Sorry :wink:

I took a look on and gonna play with it a little to see what I can get.

Thank you very much for those tips.