I'm new here. How do I get started on writing documentation? Calc Guide?


My name is Charles and I’m new here. I want to help out with writing documentation.

I was told that the Calc Guide 7.4 stuff was a good place to start. Is that correct?


Hi Charles and welcome. :slight_smile: I’m also pretty new here and am still figuring things out too.

I think I’ve got the meat of the changes done for Calc 7.4, I’m not anticipating very many updates for the remaining chapters.

It doesn’t appear that anyone is yet working on Writer 7.4, perhaps that would be a good target?

How do I get started on that? I’m still a little confused on how to contribute and where to start. Please advise.

Yep it’s tricky getting started. What have you learned so far, how did you get to this point?

The resources I’ve found most useful in getting started are:

  • The Contributors Guide - gives you a good overview of the aims and mechanics of the guide process
  • Reading the past few months of history on the Documentation Forum to get a sense of what’s been going on and recent issues/discussions.
  • Looking at past examples of the working documents and drafts in NextCloud/English/…

When specifically working on a project:

  • You need a folder structure to capture your in-progress work and a tracking spreadsheet. @ohallot helped me get this set up for Calc 7.4, along with staging the initial files from the prior version to start with.
  • The most important aim is to capture changes since the prior edition, which you can find here.
  • However, many changes don’t make their way into the release notes, so you really need to run through the steps in the prior guide to see if there are any changes and double-check that the screenshots are still valid.
  • It’s also a great opportunity to edit for spelling, grammar, clarity, consistency, etc. You can also consider changing the structure of a chapter or more if you want. (For my first go, I stayed pretty much with the prior structure).
  • Some chapters may not need much updating except for the beginning of chapter boilerplate.

Hope this helps get you started. :slight_smile:

Ask more questions as you have them.

I can’t get into NextCloud. It says my account is “Not provisioned”. What is up with that?

Once you’ve created your account (instructions here) then you need to email olivier.hallot@libreoffice.org to ask for NextCloud access to LibreOffice Documentation folders for your user account.

I’ve been looking at my account on this forum. The email on my account is spelled wrong. I’ve tried to fix it in the preferences, but I can’t edit how it is spelled. How do I correct this? HELP!

Try to access user.documentfoundation.org and log in with your account. See if you can change it there.

If not, please write to hostmaster@documentfoundation.org asking for assistance.