Icons in Help pages

Hi Help patchers

2 remarks on patches sent to the LibreOffice Help repository.

  1. Icons sc_* stand for “small” while icons lc_* stand for “large”. Lc_* icons have better rendering in general and may appear more beautifully in Help pages even if the 2 icons works at 1cm x 1cm.

Wherever you find a lc_* equivalent for the icon, prefer to use it.

  1. If an SVG icon exist, use it replacing PNG. Icons are taken from the COLIBRE_SVG theme. If the icon is missing in the theme, leave the icon reference as is. It will be handled at build time.

icon in
… src=“cmd/sc_firstrecord.png” id=“img_id251678157509093”…

to be replaced with
… src=“cmd/lc_firstrecord.svg” id=“img_id251678157509093”…