Helping with Documentation


This is DJ Helmick. I'm an IT worker from the United States that would like
to start contributing to LibreOffice's Documentation Team. I went to school
for a degree heavy in writing (English) but with more of a focus on
academics. I believe writing for LibreOffice will let me work on my
technical writing while doing something meaningful.

Per this page
<> on the
wiki, I've already subscribed to the mailing list. As far as experience
goes, I have a working understanding of MediaWiki from my current job,
where I have an instance of it running to organize our department's
documentation. I've also created basic how-to guides for our employees
along with documenting certain IT processes like on-boarding new users or
setting up applications specific to our company's field. Please let me know
whatever areas or tasks you believe I could be of assistance with.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with the LibreOffice Documentation

Best Regards,

Hi Olivier:

I found this e-mail about a person who wants to help with Documtation of LibreOffice. Why not to invite to join us to the team ?


Jorge Rodríguez

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Hi Jorge,

I have now contacted DJ and some other contacts Oliver passed on to me.
Hopefully one or more of them will be willing to join in the
documentation effort.


Hi Dave:

Good news !, thank you.


Jorge Rodríguez