Hi there.
I am new in the documentation mailing list, just I am also fairly new in the open source world.
As a teacher and customer service supervisor, I regularly make extensive use of databases, text documents and spreadsheets. About 6 six months ago, I decided to make Ubuntu my primary OS, which implied changed the familiar MS Office for LibreOffice. During this time, I got acquainted with most user guides.

Since I have become a great supporter of open source software, I am continually looking for ways to pay back for all for all I have received for free, in all its meanings. And being LibreOffice the open source suite I use the most, I think this is this the right place to contribute.

I am not knowledgeable enough so as to write original texts from the scratch, but I think could help in the review process in two aspects:

  * Finding out if the information provided is clear enough for the end-user
  * Editing text to comply with LibreOffice style requirements

I could also contribute with updated screen shots or even in the indexing process.
Finally, even after reading the available material on how to contribute, I'd appreciate any guidance.

Looking forward to becoming an active contributor to this project,


Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome in :)  It sounds as though your help would be much appreciated.  I keep losing my Alfresco login but someone will hopefully be able to set-up an Alfresco account for you :slight_smile:
Regards from
Tom :slight_smile:

Hi Gabriel and welcome to the team.

Alfresco (where we keep our working copies of docs) has been down for
some hours, so I can't create an account for you. But that need not
stop you from getting started. I can suggest some published LO v3.3
chapters that you can download from the wiki and check against LO v3.4
to find things that have changed, screenshots that need updating,
etc., and make some minor changes according to a list I have compiled
on this wiki page:

Before updating screenshots, please set up your Ubuntu desktop
according to the instructions given here:
(a combination of a theme called Adwaita shipped with Ubuntu 11.10 and
a Window theme called Evolve)

Unfortunately our info for new contributors is a bit scattered, often
hard to find, and sometimes out of date. Tom's been doing some
reorganisation of the docs wiki, and I do a bit now and then, but it
needs a lot of work. You can help by identifying things that are
missing or unclear so someone can fix them. Often the "missing" items
are on another page but not referenced in places where people might
look for them. You are of course welcome to improve the pages yourself
if you find the answer to your question or can identify a better way
to organise the info; it's a wiki, so just get an account and hack

And, of course, feel free to ask lots of questions!



@Tom: I'll resend your login as soon as work on Alfresco is completed
later in the day.

@Gabriel, I'll set you up a new Alfresco account ASAP. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.

I'd appreciate any guidance in these 2 points:

1) Desktop config for screen-shots.
I've already set my desktop with Adwita + Evolve as required in the Contributor's guide and advised by Jean, but I'm not totally sure if I obtained the desired result. The contrast is not good and I notice it somehow differs from the sample screen-shots in the wiki.
Bellow, I attach some links to some random screen-shots I took. If anyone can have a look at them an tell if the comply with the standards, I'd appreciate it.











2) Getting down to work
I've been checking the wiki (http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Documentation/Development) for a task to get started. I think I could start with the Calc Guide, but possibly it is better if I help with the Writer Guide, which seem to be in progress at the moment.
Please let me know, which of the two is priority.

Thanks again.



Your screenshots look good to me. IMO the contrast in your samples is good.

I think working on the Calc Guide would be good. Most people feel more
comfortable working on Writer than on Calc, so you'd be filling an
important gap. Martin Fox has been working on the Pivot Tables
(formerly Data Pilot) chapter, so you could skip that. (I can't recall
whether that's listed in the task table for Calc.)


I saw that Martin Fox is working in a chapter, so I will start with the
first chapter (Intro) so we don't overlap.
I've already filled in the chart in the wiki.

Hmm... I don't see anything in the wiki for any of the Calc chapters
except the one Martin's working on. Are we on the same page?


http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Documentation/Development (is the right url?)
Under Calc Guide in the Status of Tasks you should see:
Chapter 1 (Intro) : GaboXandre (that's me)
Chapter 8 (DataPilot): Martin Fox
I had already added my name by the time I sent the email yesterday, so if you couln't see it, it's probably because there is another to-do list somewhere else or possibly your browser was showing you a cached page. Let me know if I made a mistake so I can correct it.

Gabriel :slight_smile:

You are on the right page. When I saw your email posted to the list, I
checked the page you mentioned. Your name was right where you said it


I've now moved your name (and Martin's name) to the "Checkout" column,
which means you're working on the chapter. My mistake for Martin's
name being in the wrong column. When the chapter is reviewed and
checked back in, then you remove your name from the checkout column
and put it in the drafts/reviewed column with the date.

Yes, it's a clunky system, but better than nothing, and does give a
quick overview of the status of all the chapters in all the books,
easier for some of us than looking on Alfresco. This arrangement, like
many of our processes, is subject to change.


Thank you Jean. I'll keep this in mind the next time. Guess I missed the "checkout" column.