Heads-up: Documentation forum - please read

Hello Team

We set Tuesday June 21st 22:00 UTC the start of the migration of the documentation mailing list to the Discourse tool.

Some important information:

- The forum address is https://community.documentfoundation.org .
Please bookmark !

- Current mailing list subscribers will be migrated too.

- The existing mailing list content will be transferred to the forum, no loss of legacy content is expected.

-There will be no bridge between the forum and the documentation mailing list.

- The documentation@global.libreoffice.org mailing list will be frozen, no further posting will be allowed.

- There will be 3 Documentation forum subcategories:

* General:
+ will receive the legacy mailing list contents.
+ e-mail address is documentation@community.documentfoundation.org
+ the General forum for generic topics and discussions, not related to the 2 other categories.

* LibreOffice Guides:
+ e-mail is loguides@community.documentfoundation.org
+ for discussions and topics related to the update and improvements of the LibreOffice Guides.

* LibreOffice Help:
+ email is localhelp@community.documentfoundation.org
+ for discussions and improvements of the local Help of LibreOffice software.

Note: mails sent to the addresses above will be moderated.

Once logged in, forum users are invited to adjust their forum settings for notifications, interface colors, avatar and more. The settings are similar to the settings of the ASK service (same tool used).

Kind regards