Heading level zero question

Hi Team

Outline/Heading levels 1 to 10 are not ambiguous.

In Writer user interface, the Outline & List tab of the paragraph style shows one outline level entry as “Text Body”.

  1. What is the level of “Text Body”?

  2. Why this entry is named Text Body and not any other style name (such as Default Paragraph Style).

  3. Why it is not “no level”

  4. Why it is not Level 0


Hi Olivier,
There must be confusion, coming from the fact that traditionally Writer offers chapter numbering, the most notable and used one, via Tools > Outline numbering, where the numbering is directly linked to the headings 1-x, and that there is also a way to apply outline numbering to random paragraph styles via the paragraph styles dialog. The latter is the way people in Word have to cope.
I don’t think this is an answer to your question :slight_smile: … but I hope it gives usable background info?

cheers - Cor

“Text Body” is simple wrong. It should be “body text” or “no heading”. It is not about a special paragraph style but means “body text” in the sense of typesetter, see Body text - Wikipedia.
Word uses “Body Text”, “Level 1”, “Level 2”, …, “Level 9” in its ‘Outline level’ drop-down list.

Please do submit a patch to rename the style :slight_smile:

From the two names you proposed, perhaps “Body Text” will cause the least disruption (as they translate the same in many languages!)

Bug opened and fixed.

Level “Text Body” changed to “[None]”, avoiding ambiguity with the homonym paragraph style.

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