Has document recovery behaviour changed with 24.2?

I recently updated to LibreOffice 24.2 and I’m encountering something a bit frustrating regarding document recovery. I generally have several documents open at any one time and do not close LibreOffice when I turn off my computer. In the past I’ve always been able to rely on document recovery to automatically recover all documents that were open at shutdown when I next start my computer up, so I don’t have to go and manually open them, but since updating to 24.2 it only seems to recover documents that had unsaved changes at the time of shutdown - which for me is usually none of them.

I’m aware document recovery was enabled by default with this release - did its behaviour change as well to only recover unsaved documents? If so, is there any way to restore the old behaviour or otherwise get LibreOffice to automatically re-open all the documents that were open at last shutdown? I note the lock files still exist for all the documents that would previously have been recovered.

Hello Murdo

I have submitted a bug report for this problem.
It is frustrating when it happens.
My solution is to save each document that is open then close the document. When all documents are saved and closed, I close LibreOffice.
It is a pain to do this, but it stops LibreOffice from crashing.


Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

Intentional change, see 57414 – File Recovery: Don't save read-only and empty files for recovery


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Apologies, didn’t find that one when I searched.