Hackfest travel refunds


everyone who would like to apply for a travel refund for the Freiburg Hackfest, please send your request no later than next _Sunday_ to treasurer@documentfoundation.org

We will kindly ask SPI for refunding. All the details can be found at https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/TDF/Policies/Refunding

I a nutshell:

- If you have no other sponsor, we can ask for coverage of your regular hotel and your regular travel for the time of the Hackfest.

- Food, meals, beverages and other expenses will not be covered.

- You need to send all receipts as PDF to treasurer@documentfoundation.org

- Please include the SPI form so we know where to ask for sending payments to. In case this is your first time, please _do_ ask your bank what to fill in the fields, and do _not_ try to come up with the account data on your own. Otherwise chances are you receive no money. :slight_smile:

It was wonderful meeting all of you in Freiburg, and I'm looking forward to the next event!