Guide Covers 24.8

I have created the covers for the next release 24.8 of LibreOffice Community.

The covers were updated in the SVG and PNG formats. The PNG formats are in high resolution (300 DPI) for quality printing.

All are in Nextcloud in the folder LibreOffice Documentation/English/Contributor Resources/Cover248/


Could you post an icon of one cover here? I’m not working with Nextcloud, creating the German Base Handbuch alone at home and only upload. So I only want to know what has been changed and to change the cover for my publications the same way.

Hi Robert


Let me know if you want to access Nextcloud. Cover source files are there in SVG.

These covers thumbnails are displayed in the documentation websites such as or

Kind regards

Hi Oliver,

looks nearly the same as my cover here.
Have created all in Draw. So I only had to change 24.2 to 24.8 and could export it as *.png.
Will publish “Base Handbuch 24.8” at the begin of August 2024.

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