Getting Started Guide 24

Hi (volunteers welcome)

I’m opening this thread to start the works for Getting Started 24 (GS24).
(AI: = Action Item)

Here are the topics:

  1. Create folder /Getting Started Guide/24 (done)

  2. Create folders WIP/ Published/ Covers/ under 24/ above (done)

  3. Create control spreadsheet (based on previous one), clean contents (AI: @vladasavy )

  4. Copy 7.6/Published/ contents to 24/WIP/ folder (AI: @vladasavy )

  5. Rename files GS76xx to GS24xx (AI: @vladasavy )

  6. for each GS24xx file:

  • Update data in File - Properties - Custom Properties, set month to April or May (let’s be realistic).
  1. For each chapter GS24xx; review contents based on ReleaseNotes/24.2 - The Document Foundation Wiki . For the moment, use only comment to indicate the necessary changes, we will review in a meeting, before writing text. (AI: @vladasavy )


Hi Olivier,
The tasks for AI 3, 4, and 5 are completed.

However, here are some things I was not sure of:

  • There are two files Starting with Calc guide - the plain one, and the other one marked with yours and RT initials. I’ve included both files, but we may need to decide on one to work with. @ohallot

  • The same for Started with Base - we have plain version and RT-marked one. @ohallot

  • I was not sure if I should leave there the renamed PDF Getting started Guide. It’s currently included; please feel free to delete it if you think it’s necessary. @ohallot

Regarding AI 6, I couldn’t find the Custom Properties tab or button. I’ve included a screenshot. Could you please point out where I might have overlooked? Thank you. @ohallot

Now moving to Chapters review (only commenting) :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hello @vladasavy

  • AI 6: I see that you are editing the contents directly in Collabora Online installed in our TDF cloud.

While both software are 99% equal, the are different in details as you noticed.

We always use the desktop version for our guides edition. For two reasons: One is to be faithful to the current user desktop interface (24.2), when describing menus and taking/updating screenshots. We often have changes in the menus and changes in terminology, and I can’t guarantee that the online instance is in synch with the desktop version, they have different version numbering.

The second is to be 100% with the software we are writing about and that relates to details on operating system of the user and the way it manages documents.

Both software are very good and will render the document with no difference. The changes listed in the release notes are for the desktop version which we are writing about.

Therefore you must download/upload the chapters and use LibreOffice 24.2 desktop to edit them.

  • The extra files I left had important remarks/comment by Rob Thornton to be addressed in the 24.2 edition.

  • Drop the PDF, it will be rebuilt later with the new book.


Hello All.

Please see the Calc Guide - 24.8 update thread for further information about the multiple copies of the Calc chapter (which I will resolve).




I have completed my review of the Calc chapter of the Getting Started Guide and updated it with track changes switched on. The updated chapter file can be found in the 248/WIP folder. The previous versions of the chapter file have been moved to the 248/Archive folder.

Please note the following:

  1. I have not changed the template that the file is based upon, assuming that this can be done later.

  2. My review was based on LO build Implications of this include:

    • A further check on the chapter should be made against later beta builds and stable release notes.

    • There are several figures in the chapter that require updated screenshots – these should be generated using later beta builds. These figures are highlighted with appropriate comments in the text.

  3. The chapter does not have a great deal to say about Calc’s charting capabilities (including sparklines) – it might be worthwhile for a reviewer to consider whether the chapter would benefit from a little more on this topic.

  4. Since no review has been carried out on the updated chapter, no prepublication checks have yet been made. So, we might find the odd case of direct formatting, poorly positioned images or page breaks, accessibility aspects not addressed, and so on.

  5. It appears that some dialog boxes with “tabbed” sub-pages are in the process of changing appearance to a vertical list of sub-pages. If this continues, we may need to consider whether the term “tab” needs replacing. The term “tab” is currently retained in this chapter.



Hi Steve

Thank you for the review of the Calc chapter of the GS guide.

I have started to review the GS 248 guide and I’m working almost offline. If a team member wants to review the Writer, Draw, Impress and and other chapter, please let me know.

I intend to review several other chapters on my own.