Getting Started 24.8: Database chapter

Hi Team

While reviewing the Database chapter (chapter 8) of GS248, I’m rewriting parts of it but the chapter is very long and the contents refers to two example databases intermixed.

One is using the Base wizards to create a CD collection and the other is an automobile expense data collection, with many advanced topics and many table relationships.

For an introductory text on Base, I think the automobile-related contents should be removed and the simple CD collection text maintained and eventually improved.

So, comments are welcome, please let me know your thoughts.


The automobile database is the one used for relationships, forms and reports.
If this database is deleted, many of the Base explanations would be lost.

Which means losing explanations of Base characteristics or writing explanations related to relationships,
forms and reports with CD collection database example and this is a hard work.

This was already done a few years ago - and then the authors of this guide returned to this content and just maintained it. Someone on this list can probably elaborate …

Please, just update this chapter with minor edits for 24.8 and then reconsider rewriting it for the next versions. And do take time to rewrite it properly, not starting a rewrite a few weeks before the new suite release.

Consider also what this means for l10n teams.

Lp, m.

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