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Hi, I noticed the recently added Impress Guide.

Some suggestions:


  • for en/IG242/IG2400-Preface.html

Instead of "

is in this user guide?

This user guide introduces the main features
of Impress, the presentations (slide show) module of LibreOffice. "

should be "

is in this user guide?

This user guide introduces the main features
of Impress, the presentation (slide show) module of LibreOffice. "

– is presentation module, not presentations module


  • for en/IG242/IG2400-Preface.html

    What is


LibreOffice is a freely available,
fully-featured, open-source office productivity suite that is compatible
with other major office suites and is available on a variety of
platforms. The native file format used is Open Document Format (ODF).
However, LibreOffice can also open and save documents in many other
formats, including those used by versions of Microsoft Office.

“Hyphenate/open-source/as an adjective preceding a noun, as
in/open-source software./Don’t use/open-sourced/as an adjective/./”



Linux users will find that LibreOffice is includedfor free with many of
the latest distributions, for example Ubuntu. Linux versions of
LibreOffice may differ in a few features from the descriptions used in
this user guide.


To use LibreOffice on tablets, iPads, or Chromebooks, a LibreOffice
based app has to be downloaded and installed. The app is called Collabora Office, which uses the same
technology as LibreOffice and is very similar in operation.to LibreOffice.


After installation, change the default settings (options) in LibreOffice
to suit working requirements and preferences. Go to Tools > Options on the Menu bar (mac OS
LibreOffice > Preferences) and
change the settings as required.

mac OS → macOS


Some settings are intended for power users and programmers. If it is
difficult to understand what an option does, LibreOffice recommendes
leaving the option on its default setting unless instructions in this
user guide recommend changing the setting.


Offline Help is installed with the MacOS version of LibreOffice.

MacOS → macOS OR Mac OS

If the offline help [help->Help] is not installed on a computer, but
connected to the Internet, a dialog opens giving the option to Read Help Online. Select this option and
the default web browser opens at the LibreOffice online help
[help->Help] pages in the LibreOffice website.

→ [help->Help] - almost always Help is capitalized