Figure captions in a single line

I am updating the chapter template for the LO user guide chapters and I am trying to solve a problem on figure captions that was raised by Olivier.

How do you expand the width off a figure frame without changing the existing width and height of the image?

In other words, I am trying to make the frame surrounding an image wider than the image itself so that a figure caption is on one line.

I have tried several ways by changing frame properties, but as yet no access.

Does anyone have a solution that would be easy for everybody to use?

Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

I do it by selecting the *image* and changing its properties from a percent
to a specified width. Then I can change the width of the frame (that
encloses the image + caption) without affecting the image.


Recently I’ve tried changing the % on the image instead of using a fixed
width. This seems to work, but takes more guessing and practice to get a
good result.



It is important to have a clear rule, so we can write a sanitizer script for the chapter images.

PS I'm glad to see I'm not the only one wrestling on the floor with images, captions and frames. I'm full of bruises.


keep in mind that this frame must accommodate also the translation of the
text into other languages - and the translations are usually longer than
the original (at least in Slovenian they usually are).
So the solution must offer some flexibility for (even) longer translations

Lp, m.

V V tor., 14. jun. 2022 ob 10:29 je oseba Peter Schofield <> napisala:

Hi Peter

Like Jean said.
Go to the image properties.
At the Type page, unselect "Relative to"


Peter Schofield schreef op 14.06.2022 10:28:

Hello Olivier

Jean has given me a solution to creating figure captions in a single line. It works very well and the instructions will appear in the template.

Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

Hello Martin

I will be writing instructions so that the cursor can be in one line for a figure.

Also, I shall be creating instructions to use a numbered legend in a figure when text is involved. Any text added to an image or graphic will then be placed below the figure in a numbered column format. This will allow for an easier translation as the text will not be part of the figure.

A couple more days and I will be issuing the first draft of the updated template.

Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

Hello Kees

Already used Jean’s instructions and they work very well. I will be adding the instructions to the template so that all the Documentation Team will know how to do it.

Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team