Events calendar reminder

Just a reminder to all,

If your group is planning an event, please let the marketing team know of this event or email me details of the event(s) directly. The marketing calendar team will make sure to post it on our very public wiki/website calendars[1][2] (note that both calendars contain the same information and the details are in EN -- we will help translate the event if needed).

Also, there is a wiki events calendar page where you can add the events yourself. Some of the nl (native language) groups are doing a great job of maintaining their calendars.[3] Even then, if you are adding events to your nl calendar, let the marketing list know of any events and the marketing calendar team will make sure it shows on our wiki/website calendars.




I have just looked in on some of the nl (native language) groups who are maintaining their events calendars on the wiki. Some are doing a wonderful job of maintaining them. Many thanks for those people who are doing this.

I noticed that some are either missing altogether or missing some of the menu lines at the top of their pages which makes it hard for your members to return quickly to a site/wiki/section of their choice. All you need to correct this is to put at the top of your wiki page, the following wikitext:

{{TopMenu/??}} {{Menu/??}}{{Lang|The text you want as title to your page}}

Once you put this wikitext at the top of your page, please replace:

* ?? with the language-code (you will find this on the main wiki events page -- for example the country code for France is fr)

* replace the "The text you want as title to your page" with exactly that. If you prefer not to enter anything, then, just erase that part.

Preview the page, if it looks like what you want, fill in the "Summary" section and save. Note that the summary section is important for the people who are following the development of the page, you should always inform these people of the changes otherwise they will just start ignoring the page updates and you may start losing your page viewers.

You know your page is working correctly if, when you click on EN, you are returned to the original language page.

BTW ... these menu lines can be added to any other pages where you have clicked on your nl link and created the translation wiki page.

Let me know if you need any help with this or if you would like me to add these lines for you.