Error when viewing HTML help pages in local build on Ubuntu 22.04

I have set up the help submodule by modifying my autogen.input as described on the wiki.
The build was successful, and the HTML files are in instdir, but pressing F1 or using a Help button in my build leads to a bogus link in Firefox, like file:///tmp/lu1798508f5z9x1.tmp/NewHelp0.html. Every time I try to access a help page, that link’s number is incremented (i.e. ...NewHelp1.html). Same thing if Chromium is the default app for HTML.

In the terminal, I get the following error every time I try to access the help:

Gtk-Message: 01:59:45.957: Not loading module “atk-bridge”: The functionality is provided by GTK natively. Please try to not load it.

I am using Ubuntu 22.04 + GNOME 42.9, both Firefox and Chromium are snaps. Same thing if running LO with the gen VCL plugin instead of gtk3.

Don’t use Snap versions for browsing: 148633 – LO Help F1 or button cannot open help with Snap browser

It is not bogus, it is working as designed.

LO uses xdg to invoke desktop applications. if you send file:// to xdg it will open the file manager. So we created a temp file with https:// that opens in the xdg browser and redirect to load the file in the browser.


Thank you both. Indeed, the issue was not specific to my local build (same issue with installed helppacks from TDF), and using a non-snap web browser (like Falkon from the Ubuntu repos) as the default app for html files does open the help pages as expected.

I added more details on Bugzilla.