Enio Gemmo: Candidacy to the elections of the TDF Board of Directors

Thank you, Sophie, for nominating me at Nominations for the elections of the TDF Board of directors
I accept the nomination for the Board election and express my full support for the Pledge for LibreOffice.

Why I apply for the new BoD seat:
I am nice about joining the Pledge for LibreOffice
I want to promote LibreOffice, i love it!

Full name: Enio Gemmo

Emails: [enio.gemmo@libreoffice.org] [enio.gemmo@gmail.com]

this is My 75 words nomination: I’m Enio Gemmo, 63 years old, resident in Italy, no company affiliation. I’ve always promoted free and open source software, I’ve been a member of the foundation for about ten years, I’m president of LibreItalia and member of FSFE and ILS, I joined this group because I believe in change which in this case is a "return to the origins "looking at innovation. Along with others, I support the Pledge for LibreOffice The Document Foundation Nextcloud

Best regards,
Enio Gemmo