Enable "Ignore" for TL 1+ users?

I just got TL 2 and now have the ability to “Ignore” certain users in addition to the ability available to “Mute” users.

What that means if you aren't aware
  • If you look at the full profile for a user, you can ask that they be “muted” for you. This does not affect their visibility in the actual discussion, but it does ask Discourse not to send you notifications or e-mails related to that user.
  • At Trust Level 2 (“member”) you have an additional option to “Ignore” a user. This is similar to Mute but also hides their posts from you in the online discussion, so that you have to choose to display them. The ability to Ignore is very helpful if you find a user triggering or offensive in a way the moderators do not, as you will usually only see the parts of their posts that others choose to quote.

The Ignore feature is one I believe is very important for helping users create a comfortable and safe-feeling environment, and I wonder if it could be enabled for all TL 1 users and above in at least #board-discuss where TL 2 will be less achievable by ordinary participants?

Thanks for listening!

That’s unfortunately a side-wide setting, and there’s some concern to change defaults, that presumably the Discourse upstream picked deliberately.

But I see the problem, in particular to encourage people to participate more in board-discuss - what we can certainly do, is to manually bump TL on request.