Email from outside for new topic, how?

Hello everyone,

It should be possible to create a new topic in Discourse with an external e-mail.
Is that possible?
And how does it work?

It is possible, but the category where the topic should be posted to needs to be configured accordingly. Each category needs to have a separate incoming email address for new topics. This is an opt-in feature (no incoming email address is created by default).

If you want to use this feature for a specific category then please suggest the name of a valid email address under the domain.


I suggest the name

for the category

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Should be working now.

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Unfortunately not. I got an e-mail with the following text

Your account does not have the required trust level to post new topics to this email address. If you believe this is an error, [contact a staff member]

Could there have been a mix-up with the first character “l”=“L” or “I”=“i”?

No the message is about trust level not about email validity. TL<2 users do not have the permission to post. Bumped you to TL2 to speed things up, but transition to TL1 (and up to TL3) is automatic, see Understanding Discourse Trust Levels - blog - Discourse Meta .

Now it works. Thank you.