Draw Guide: error in ch.10 "Printing, Exporting and Emailing"

Chapter 10, Printing, Exporting and Emailing :


The content of the exported file depends on the elements selected on the drawing. If no elements are selected, the entire drawing is exported.

This is wrong; the export dialog has the checkbox that controls that. E.g., this is how it looks on Windows:

Hello Mike

The wording of the note will be changed for 7.4.
Without selection, the whole drawing is exported.
With selection, only the items selected are exported.
This will solve the ambiguity in the note.


Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

No, this is still wrong.
“If you selected something, then you can check a “Selection” checkbox in Export dialog, which would export only the selected objects. When the checkbox is unselected, or when nothing is selected on the page, the whole page would be exported.”

Hello Mike

Just tested Draw 7.4. No selection means that all items in the drawing are exported. To export a specific item, that item has to be selected. I will change the note when I start updating the Draw Guide to 7.4.